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On the tubular bollards, opposite, the fabricator has drilled both sides of the tube to allow wire to be pushed through to form a loop to suspend the item.  In this case an extra hole was required on the top of the bollard to let the air escape from the top of the fabrication.  However if the suspension holes can be located close to the top of the post they will act as vent holes as well







The hole in the base plate (not seen once erected) should be made as large as possible to allow the zinc to flow into and out off the fabrication as quickly as possible.  This also reduces the weight of the fabrication and therefore the cost of galvanizing


Most gates, fencing panels and other flat panels are suspended at an angle to allow for the zinc to run off and drain to a point.  With tubular fabrications the zinc enters the tubes at there lowest point and the air escapes from the highest point.  Holes for venting and drainage should be diagonally opposite to one another at the high point and low point of each tube section in the fabrication as it is suspended for galvanizing




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