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The box section of this support is vented through the base plate.† Holes are positioned diagonally

to prevent zinc from becoming trapped in the corners.†††



This post has also been vented through the end bracket.†

Holes are positioned to allow all excess zinc to drain through all 4 corners of the box section ensuring that no excess zinc is left in the section.




At the top of the post the end cap has been cropped to allow all the air to escape ensuring that there is no air trapped and all internal surfaces can benefit from the galvanizing process.


The base plate on this tubular column has a hole which is the same diameter as the internal of the tube.†

This design ensures that no excess zinc is trapped after galvanizing.† It also reduces the weight of the fabrication and consequently the cost of galvanizing.


On the top side of the base plate the tubular column has been strengthened with 4 gusset plates.† Where the gusset plate, tube and base plate form a corner the gusset plate has been cropped to allow the zinc to flow and react with all of the surfaces.





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